Are You Living a Life of Freedom? Or Have Words Damaged You?

Do You Know How Important Words Are to God?

Have you ever said something and then immediately regretted the words you spoke?

Have you been deeply hurt by harmful words spoken to you?

Words have power. In fact, the Bible says that everyone will give an account for every careless word spoken (Matthew 12:36).

The Bible has much to say about the words we speak. God used words to create the heavens and the earth, and He then made us in His image. God gave humans the ability to speak, and we are responsible for the things we say. Therefore, if you want to find wisdom on the importance of words, you need to look no further than the Bible. The information there is limitless, and when we understand how God views what we say and apply it to our lives, things change.

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Negative words can change you if you let them.

Unfortunately, for most of my life, I was the collector of negative words. I would filter out anything positive said to me and hold on to the negative. I had taken damaging words and attached them to my identity. Therefore, when told that the child I was carrying would have a disability, I was terrified. I thought of all the negative words she would likely hear, and my heart hurt for her. Having experienced that in my life, I knew how it could damage her.

Negative comments inflict wounds that are hard to heal. If you typically attach negative words to your identity, these wounds shape your perception of yourself and others. As a result, you get programmed to disregard positive comments and hold onto negative ones. A lifetime of this will change you drastically.

When the negative words came toward my daughter, she was too young to be hurt by them, but I was affected. I took every comment to heart and gave those words the power to make me angry and bitter. I became short-tempered and quick to correct anyone who I felt “wronged” me. Instead of handling the situation with grace and mercy, I responded with anger, which was not good. How is that being a light in a dark world?

The negative words I allowed in my life changed me.

Have they changed you?

Have you been hurt by things people have said to you?
Do you have unhealed wounds from words?

As my relationship with the Lord grew, I felt conviction over my reaction, or rather over-reaction, to certain situations. Why was I so angry? Why was I so quick to over-react?

When I began to evaluate my situation, I realized that I had not only attached those negative comments to my identity, but I was feeding those words to myself. I was getting a daily dose of negativity, and it was me speaking the words.

Are there words that you don’t realize you speak to yourself?

There is hope!

You are someone who can change your perception by changing your inner voice. When you identify what you are hearing and speaking out, you can change. When you learn how to think differently, you free yourself from condemnation.

It took a while to figure out how I could do this, but it certainly changed my life. I transformed from someone obsessed with thinking everyone judged me over my weight to someone who doesn’t think about that anymore. It is incredible to live out from under judgment and condemnation.

When you let go of the negative, it empowers you to embrace the positive. As a result, you gain new confidence and a new identity. You are free to be yourself, and your confidence will significantly increase as you find the faith to step into new and exciting things.

So why waste another second of your life living with less than God intended for you? You can start changing now!

If you would like to learn how I retrained my negative inner voice, you can sign up for my Free Forgiven and Redeemed course.

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